The 4400: The Complete Seasons 1-4

  |  Buy to Own: 27/10/2008
  |  1890 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All four seasons of the US sci-fi series. Over the last century, thousands of people have gone missing and are presumed dead. When a meteor impacts over Earth, all 4400 people are returned to Earth as suddenly and inexplicably as they disappeared. Season one episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'The New and Improved Carl Morrissey', 'Becoming', 'Trial By Fire' and 'White Light'. Season two episodes are: 'Wake Up Call: Part 1', 'Wake Up Call: Part 2'; 'Voices Carry', 'Weight of the World', 'Suffer the Children', 'As Fate Would Have It', 'Life Interrupted', 'Carrier', 'Rebirth', 'Hidden', 'Lockdown', 'The Fifth Page' and 'Mommy's Bosses'. Season three episodes comprise: 'The New World: Part 1', 'The New World: Part 2', 'Being Tom Baldwin', 'Gone: Part 1', 'Gone: Part 2', 'Graduation Day', 'The Home Front', 'Blink', 'The Ballad of Kevin and Tess', 'The Starzl Mutation', 'The Gospel According to Collier', 'Terrible Swift Sword' and 'Fifty-Fifty'. Season four episodes are: 'The Wrath of Graham', 'Fear Itself', 'Audrey Parker's Come and Gone', 'The Truth and Nothing But the Truth', 'Try the Pie', 'The Marked', 'Till We Have Built Jerusalem', 'No Exit', 'Daddy's Little Girl', 'One of Us', 'Ghost in the Machine', 'Tiny Machines' and 'The Great Leap Forward'.