The A-Team: Series 4

  |  Buy to Own: 18/09/2006
  |  1035 min
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All 23 episodes from the fourth series, featuring the avenging soldiers of fortune out to clear their name of a crime they didn't commit, and help those who need them most. In this series, the team have to rescue a judge's daughter from a gang of mobsters, join forces with Hulk Hogan to stop a youth centre being torn down, and Face (Dirk Benedict) quits the A-Team when he receives a full government pardon, little realising that he's walking into a trap. Episodes are: 'Judgement Day (Parts 1 and 2)'; 'Where is the Monster When You Need Him?'; 'A Lease With the Option to Die'; 'The Road to Hope'; 'The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll'; 'Body Slam'; 'Blood, Sweat and Cheers'; 'Mind Games'; 'There Goes the Neighbourhood'; 'The Doctor is Out'; 'Uncle Buckle-Up'; 'Judgement Wheels of Fortune'; 'The A Team is Coming, the A Team is Coming'; 'Members Only'; 'Cowboy George'; 'Waiting For Insane Wayne'; 'The Duke of Whispering Pines'; 'Beneath the Surface'; 'Mission of Peace'; 'The Trouble With Harry'; 'The Little Town With an Accent'; and 'The Sound of Thunder'.