The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: Entire Series

  |  Buy to Own: 17/10/2005
  |  1014 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A collection over 10 discs of this classic 1950s series starring Ronald Howard (son of Leslie Howard). Cases include: 'The Cunningham Heritage'; 'The Case of Lady Beryl'; 'The Pennsylvania Gun'; 'The Texas Cowgirl'; 'The Belligerent Ghost'; 'The Shy Ballerina'; 'The Winthrop Legend'; 'The Blind Man's Bluff'; 'The Case of Harry Crocker'; 'The Case of Mother Hubbard'; 'The Red Headed League'; 'The Shoeless Engineer'; 'The Split Ticket'; 'The French Interpreter'; 'The Singing Violin'; 'The Greystone Inscription'; 'The Laughing Mummy'; 'The Thistle Killer'; 'The Vanished Detective'; 'The Careless Suffragette'; 'The Reluctant Carpenter'; 'The Deadly Prophecy'; 'The Christmas Pudding'; 'The Night Train Riddle'; 'The Violent Suitor'; 'The Baker Street Nursemaids'; 'The Perfect Husband'; 'The Jolly Hangman'; 'The Imposter Mystery'; 'The Eiffel Tower'; 'The Exhumed Client'; 'The Impromptu Performance'; 'The Baker Street Bachelor'; 'The Royal Murder'; 'The Haunted Gainsborough'; 'The Neurotic Detective'; 'The Unlucky Gambler'; 'The Diamond Tooth'; and finally 'The Tyrant's Daughter'.