The Amazing Burping Pig

  |  76 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Amazing Burping Pig Film Poster


Family feature about a young girl and her friendship with her pet pig. When Talia Rose (Lindsey Blanchard) and her family move to a new city she finds it hard to get used to her new surroundings both at school and at home. Her mum (Jennifer Taylor) and dad (Joey Lawrence) try their best to help Talia and her two sisters get used to their new home but Talia remains down about her lack of friends and the mean bullies at school. That all changes, however, when she finds a miniature pig (voice of Drake Bell) wandering around in her back garden and takes it in as her new pet. After naming it Arlo, Talia and her new pet become best friends and he helps her stand up to her school bullies but how will her family react when they find out they're sharing their new home with a pig?