The American Space Odyssey: Volumes 1-4

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All 24 programmes about American space travel: 'Freedom 7', 'The Voyage of Friendship', 'The World Was There', 'Four Days of Gemini Four', 'This is Houston Flight', 'The Legacy of Gemini', 'The Eagle Has Landed', 'Houston We've Got a Problem', 'In the Mountains of the Moon', 'Nothing So Hidden', 'On the Shoulders of Giants', 'Mission Apollo/Soyuz', 'Time of Apollo', 'Skylab, the First 40 Days', 'Skylab, the Second Manned Mission', 'Four Rooms, Earth View', 'Who's Out There', 'New Look at an Old Moon', 'Space Shuttles', 'Opening New Frontiers', 'We Deliver', 'Toys in Space', 'Houston We've Got a Satellite' and finally 'The Universe'.