The Arkoff Film Library: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 01/11/2004
  |  397 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set of 1950s classic B-movies. 'The Day the World Ended' is director/producer Roger Corman's first foray into the 'B' movie sci-fi genre with which his name later became synonymous. Following an atomic war in which most of civilisation was destroyed, a group of survivors take refuge in a seemingly safe valley. However, the valley soon becomes overrun by mutated animals and then the mutant humans begin to follow... 'Reform School Girl' tells the tale of a young girl, suffering abuse from her obnoxious uncle, sent to reformatory school for riding in a hit-and-run vehicle and being too frightened to testify. Once there, she has an even rougher time of it, and the only way she can escape is by providing evidence against the party responsible for her dilemma. In 'The She Creature', the lovely assistant of a mysterious and evil hypnotist has no idea that she is the descendant of a horrifying prehistoric sea-creature, a state to which she reverts when she is mesmerized by her boss. When the monster comes forth, she goes on a killing spree... In 'The Undead', Richard Garland plays a curious scientist who, whilst researching the prospect of reincarnation, transports himself back into the Dark Ages with the subject of his research - a young prostitute who then finds herself accused of witchcraft. Weaving its way along with young virgins and dashing knights, Garland fights to save the life of the prostitute, played by Pamela Duncan. Finally, in 'Voodoo Woman', Dr Roland Gerard (Tom Conway) uses a mixture of science and black arts to create the perfect killing monster, but discovers to his horror that his creation will not obey his telepathic commands. He then captures a young woman and works to transform her into a diabolical killing machine.