The Avengers : Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 28/06/2004
  |  105 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Five episodes of the animated children's series based on the Marvel comic characters: Antman, Wasp, Hawkeye, Falcon, Wonderman, Scarlet Witch, Tigra and Vison. In 'Avengers Assemble (Part 1), a squad of flying robots, transforming vehicles and an android called Vision are after the President - and the Avengers must race to protect him. In 'Avengers Assemble (Part 2)', Wonder Man's life is slipping away, and Ant Man works to transfer his thought patterns to the Vision. In 'Kang', time traveller Kang the Conqueror appears creating havoc while looking into an Ancient Egyptian special crystal obelisk. 'Egg-Streme Vengeance' sees Elihas Starr initiating a plot to destroy Antman, his arch rival, by interfering with Antman's Pym Particles. Finally, in 'Comes a Swordsman', the Travelling Carnival - an organisation to which Hawkeye used to belong - is responsible for a series of thefts from a biological weapon laboratory. When the Avengers question Hawkeye's loyalty, he walks out...