The Backyardigans: Cave Party

  |  Buy to Own: 05/02/2007
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Fantasy adventure for the wee ones in 3D CGI. The Backyardigans is all about giving visual support to the kind of fantastical adventures kids create in their own minds. They're epic, musical fantasy adventures fresh from the minds of three kids - a precocious penguin named Pablo, a laid-back moose named Tyrone, the appropriately named Uniqua, and their friends. Every day they meet in their adjoining backyards to explore wherever their imaginations take them -and they take them to some magical places. Each adventure includes a bit of join-in entertainment too, as the crew sing and dance to tango or tap, jazz or hip-hop, calypso or operetta, rockabilly or Irish jigs. Best of all, after each adventure, they always get home just in time for a snack! In this collection; 'Cave Party' sees the pals travel back to the ice age to howl at the moon and invent some pretty useful things along the way. In 'Racing Day' Austin races around the world after a gold medal to a cajun soundtrack.