The Benefactor

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  |  88 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Andrew Renzi writes and directs this drama starring Richard Gere as Franny, a multimillionaire who carries a guilt that has stayed with him over the years. Believing he was the cause of a car accident that killed close friends Bobby (Dylan Baker) and Mia (Cheryl Hines), he becomes a recluse addicted to pain medication. Five years later when Bobby and Mia's daughter Olivia (Dakota Fanning) contacts him with the news that she is now married to doctor Luke (Theo James) and expecting a child Franny, full of remorse, decides to use his wealth to ensure all their needs are catered for. However, it isn't long before the couple begin to find his involvement stifling and unsettling.

strong language, drug use, self-harm
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