The Best Of British Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 06/06/2005
  |  369 min
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Box-set featuring three popular British war movies. 'Zulu Dawn' (1979) is the story of the 1879 battle of Isandlhwana, one of the worst defeats in British colonial history. A prequel to the 1963 classic, the emphasis of the film is placed upon huge, awe-inspiring battle scenes and the brave stand the soldiers take against unsurmountable odds. 'The Wild Geese' (1978) are a fifty-man military unit for hire, comprised of mercenaries led by Colonel Faulkner (Richard Burton), Lieutenant Shawn Fynn (Roger Moore), Rafer Janders (Richard Harris) and Pieter Coetzee (Hardy Kruger). When they are hired by sinister businessman Sir Edward Matheson (Stewart Granger), the team depart for Africa, their mission to rescue an imprisoned political leader, seize the airport and return safely to England. Finally, in 'Ashanti' (1979), after his wife Anansa is kidnapped by African slave traders, Dr David Linderby (Michael Caine) sets off in pursuit. It transpires that Anansa's captor, Suleiman, intends to sell her to an Arab Prince (Omar Sharif), but the authorities refuse to assist David in his search and he is forced to turn to men just as ruthless as the slave traders in order to get his wife back. He also finds a willing helper in the form of nomad Malik, whose whole family have also been stolen by Suleiman.