The Best Of Soul Cinema

  |  Buy to Own: 22/01/2007
  |  257 min
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Pam Grier was the baddest nubian goddess on the block and the undisputed queen of the Blaxpoitation genre. This box set brings together three of her finest movies. In 'Foxy Brown' (1974), when her undercover detective boyfriend (Terry Carter) is murdered by the mob, Foxy Brown (Grier) sets out for revenge. With the help of her drug addict brother (Antonio Vargas), she poses as a prostitute in order to infiltrate the crime ring. In 'Coffy' (1973), Coffy (Grier) is a nurse by day and avenging angel by night. When she discovers that her little sister has been doped up - and freaked out - by a greedy drug pusher, she not only puts an end to his miserable days, but she vows to follow his trail of corruption up to the top. But what Coffy doesn't realise is that all is not what it seems - and that the leafy green behind the pushers' scene just may come from someone she knows. In 'Black Mama, White Mama' (1972), trapped in a jungle island prison camp, two inmates - a prostitute (Grier) and a political prisoner (Margaret Markov) - are desperate to escape. While being transported in chains, they manage to strangle their guard and make a bid for freedom. However, they find themselves on the run from not only the police, but also from a collection of gangsters and guerillas, and have to rely on all their wiles to survive.