The Bible...In The Beginning The Robe Demetrius And The Gladia...

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Triple bill of classic films with a biblical theme. John Huston directed 'The Bible... In the Beginning' (1966), an epic treatment of the Old Testament, which depicts the first 22 chapters of Genesis from the Creation to Abraham's sacrifice. The star-studded cast includes George C. Scott as Abraham, Ava Gardner as Sarah, and Peter O'Toole as the Angel of God, and covers such legendary events as the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, Cain's slaying of Abel, and the building of Noah's Ark. In 'The Robe' (1953), Marcellus Gallio (Richard Burton) is a Roman centurion who wins the robe of the crucified Christ while gambling at the foot of the cross. At first insensitive to the beliefs of the new Christian church, Marcellus' possession of the robe soon begins to have a profound effect upon both him and his childhood sweetheart Diana (Jean Simmons). Meanwhile, Demetrius (Victor Mature), Marcellus' slave, is planning to leave and serve a higher master. Henry Koster's classic Biblical epic was the first film to be made using CinemaScope, the original widescreen process. 'Demetrius and the Gladiators' (1954) is the sequel to 'The Robe'. After the death of his master Marcellus, Greek slave Demetrius (Victor Mature) is sent to Rome to train as a gladiator. There his new-found Christian faith is put to the test when he becomes embroiled in the political machinations between Emperor Caligula (Jay Robinson), Claudius and the seductive but evil Messalina (Susan Hayward).