The Bill: Series 1-3

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All 35 episodes from the first three series of the British television police drama, set amongst the officers of the Sun Hill station in the fictional London borough of Canley. In the first series, the officers try to break up a group of thieves at a local market, discover a drugs den in an abandoned theatre, and PC Carver (Mark Wingett) is unwittingly responsible for the death of a old-style safe cracker. In series 2, Sun Hill's first black officer starts work only to be met with racial prejudice, while Ackland (Trudie Goodwin) searches desperately for a young girl who may have been abducted by a serial sex offender. Episodes comprise: 'Funny Ol' Business - Cops and Robbers'; 'A Friend in Need'; 'Clutching at Straws'; 'Long Odds'; 'It's Not Such a Bad Job After All'; 'The Drugs Raid'; 'A Dangerous Breed'; 'Rough in the Afternoon'; 'Burning the Books'; 'Death of a Cracksman', 'The Sweet Smell of Failure', 'Snouts and Red Herrings'; 'Suspects'; 'Lost'; 'Home Beat'; 'Hostage'; 'This Little Pig'; 'Ringer'; 'Public and Confidential'; 'Loan Shark'; 'With Friends Like That...?'; 'Whose Side Are You On?', 'The Chief Super's Party', 'The New Order of Things', 'Some You Win, Some You Lose', 'Brownie Points', 'Missing Presumed Dead', 'Domestics', 'What Are Little Boys Made Of?', 'Blind Alleys, Clogged Roads', 'Double Trouble', 'Sun Hill Karma', 'Skipper', 'Overnight Stay' and 'Not Without Cause'.