The Bleeder

  |  Watch Now: 28/08/2017
  |  94 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Liev Schreiber co-writes and stars in this US biographical drama directed by Philippe Falardeau. The film follows New Jersey boxer Chuck Wepner (Schreiber) who shoots to fame when he takes on Muhammad Ali (Pooch Hall) for the world heavyweight title in 1975. After forging a solid career which eventually leads to becoming a world ranked contender, Wepner is suddenly thrust into the limelight when his manager Al Braverman (Ron Perlman) manages to land him a title shot against heavyweight champion Ali. Despite losing the fight in the last round, Wepner's brave performance earns him the respect of fans around the world and he quickly becomes a celebrity. However, with his everyday life now revolving around a routine of hard-drinking and wild partying, it's not long before his newfound lavish lifestyle begins to catch up on him.