The Blood Thirsty Trilogy (Box Set)

  |  Buy to Own: 24/04/2004
  |  240 min
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The Blood Thirsty Trilogy (Box Set) Film Poster


Box set of Seventies Japanese Dracula films from Michio Yamamoto. In 'Legacy of Dracula' (1970), after being told of the recent demise of his girlfriend Yuko Nonomura, Kazuhiko Sagawa visits her grave. He is shocked by what he finds there. On his subsequent disappearance, his sister Keiko and her boyfriend Hiroshi follow his tracks to Yuko's creepy ancestral home. In 'Lake of Dracula' (1971), in an old abandoned house just off the coast of Noto, five-year-old Akiko witnesses a grizzly murder and the resting place of a golden eyed vampire. Narrowly escaping a fate worse than death, Akiko grows to adulthood still affected by her ordeal, which has been explained to her young mind as a terrible dream. But with the delivery of a mysterious package, her bloody nightmare is about to recommence. Finally, in Evil of Dracula (1974)', when Professor Shiraki starts his new job at Seimei School for Girls, he is unprepared for the horrors that await him in the classrooms. He arrives to discover the principal's dead wife kept in the cellar, and his fellow teachers acting oddly towards the pupils. With help from Shimimura, the school doctor, he begins to piece together the answer to the mystery behind the school and the disappearances there.