The Book Of Revelation

  |  Book Tickets: 25/12/2007
  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2007
  |  119 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
The Book Of Revelation Film Poster


Director Ana Kokkinos' adaptation of Rupert Thompson's unsettling novel about a talented male dancer whose life is turned upside down when he is abducted, raped and tortured by three mysterious hooded women. When Daniel (Tom Long) goes out to buy a pack of cigarettes one day and doesn't return, the women in his life - his girlfriend Gertude (Anna Torv) and choreographer Isabel (Greta Scacchi) - are understandably devastated. When he returns eleven days later, he is unable to talk about what happened and has lost the ability to dance. Worse still, Daniel can no longer engage emotionally with even his closest friends. Now, in order to get his life back on track, Daniel sets out to find his abusers with only his memories of the sounds he heard whilst captive to guide him.

Contains strong sex and sexual violence
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