The Bride Wore Black

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  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/1999
  |  107 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Controversial Françoise Truffaut film about a suicidal young woman. Julie (Jeanne Moreau) is stopped from leaping to certain death out of a high window by her mother. Mysteriously, she's dressed head to foot in black and highly distraught. Julie brightens up though and announces an imminent trip to cheer herself up, though it is only a ruse. Her niece, there to make sure she gets on the train, waves goodbye and the woman in black promptly slips out of the other side of the carriage. Next her hair has changed though she's still in black - looking absolutely stunning and asking people at a party where she can find a man called 'Bliss'. The party is Bliss' (Claude Rich) stag night - he's a rich playboy and he's immediately drawn to the lady in black, unsure whether he remembers her from his past. The film was widely slated upon release and Truffaut himself later said he wasn't even partial to it!.

Contains moderate violence
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