The Canal

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  |  89 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Rupert Evans and Antonia Campbell-Hughes star in this British horror written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh. Film archivist David (Evans) is convinced that his wife Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) is having an affair with her colleague Alex (Carl Shaaban) and is determined to prove his theory. When David gets given a reel of film to be archived he is shocked and disturbed to discover that his house was the scene of a brutal murder in 1902. As David grows even more suspicious of his wife's activities he follows her to a nearby canal where he catches her in the act with Alex. After Alice goes missing David becomes the police's prime suspect in her disappearance. While he tries to clear his name and, at the same time, find his wife, David becomes obsessed with the murder that took place in his home a century before. Could there be a connection?

strong bloody violence, injury detail, horror, sex, strong language
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