The Chambermaid Lynn

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  |  90 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
The Chambermaid Lynn Film Poster


Vicky Krieps stars in the title role of this German comedy drama. Obsessive-compulsive hotel maid Lynn uses her position to quietly observe her guests and rummage through their stuff when they're out. One day, while hiding under their bed, she witnesses an encounter between a call girl named Chiara (Lena Lauzemis) and her client Ludwig (Christian Aumer). Intrigued by what she heard, Lynn calls the dominatrix and sets up her own appointment. As their relationship develops and their sessions continue, Lynn begins to come out of her shell and finally moves on from her ex-lover, hotel manager Heinz (Steffen Munster), and reacquaints herself with her estranged mother (Christine Schorn).