The Charles Bronson Collection

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of four feature films and two TV series starring Charles Bronson. 'Lola' (1969), also known as 'Twinky', stars Bronson as Scott, a middle-aged American author living in the UK. When he meets Twinky (Susan George), a beautiful young woman who steals his heart, he believes her when she tells him that she is almost 20-years-old. When he discovers that she is actually just 16, the pair vow that their love is strong enough to defy their age gap and they elope to Scotland to get married. As Scott's visa expires however, the newly-weds move back to America where, because of her age, Twinky must return to school and Scott soon gets fed up with her immature ways. Can their relationship survive the turmoil of leading very different lives? 'The Witness' (1969) sees Bronson play a criminal who has been jailed for armed robbery. Although he insists on his innocence, his fate lies in the hands of a witness who, at present, cannot be found. 'Cabo Blanco' (1980) is set in 1949 and follows the story of American ex-pat Gifford Hoyt (Bronson) who is trying to put the worries of the world behind him to live a peaceful life in the fishing village of Cabo Blanco. His tranquil existence is shattered, however, by the arrival of a ship carrying a British research team. Among the crew is beautiful widow Marie DeVries (Dominique Sanda) who is determined to discover the fate of her late husband, and menacing ex-Nazi Gunther Beckdorff (Jason Robards), the presence of whom soon unsettles Hoyt. 'Chino' (1973) stars Bronson as reclusive horse breeder Chino Valdez who lives a solitary life in New Mexico. When teenage runaway Jamie Wagner (Vincent Van Patten) arrives at his door looking for work, Chino grudgingly agrees to take him in and teach him all he knows about horses. The situation takes a turn for the worse, however, when Chino falls for Catherine (Jill Ireland), the half-sister of local rival rancher Maral (Marcel Bozzuffi). The collection also contains episodes from two of Bronson's drama series, 'Man With a Camera' and 'U.S. Marshal'.