The Chocky Trilogy

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  |  452 min
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All eighteen episodes from the three series of the British television adaptations of the John Wyndham novel. In the first series, 'Chocky' (1984), young Matthew Gore (Andrew Ellams) has started to improve at school, much to the delight of his parents. What his parents don't know is that Matthew's improved abilities are the result of Chocky, a telepathic alien who has entered Matthew's mind in order to learn about the Earth. In the second series, 'Chocky's Children' (1985), Matthew is sent to live with his aunt while his parents are on holiday. What he doesn't know is that the government is still keeping an eye on him, suspicious of his abilities. While in the countryside, Matthew soon meets a young girl with whom he can communicate telepathically. In the third series, 'Chocky's Challenge' (1986), Matthew and Albertine (Annabel Worrell) join together with Chocky in order to defeat the evil Doctor Liddle (Illona Linthwaite) and to discover the secrets of cosmic energy.