The Complete James Bond Collection

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  |  2355 min
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Box set featuring all twenty films in the James Bond series. Beginning with 'Dr No' (1962), and moving quickly through 'From Russia With Love' (1963) and 'Goldfinger' (1964), the films' established their suave, martini-drinking, casino-going hero as the most prominent icon of the Jet Set era. 'Thunderball' (1965) and 'You Only Lived Twice' (1967) brought the formula to new levels of refinement, with Bond visiting various exotic locales, taking on various supervillains in various high-tech secret bases, and generally proving himself as adept at handling sophisticated technology as he is at seducing an endless series of international beauties. However, by this point, Sean Connery, the original Bond, was eager to try new things, and the producers decided upon George Lazenby as his replacement for the sixth film in the series, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (1969). A million-dollar pay cheque lured Connery back for the seventh, 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971), but it wasn't until Roger Moore took over in 'Live and Let Die' (1973) that the series really hit its stride again. Bringing a new ironic sensibility to the role, Moore was to reign supreme throughout the seventies and well into the eighties, fighting the three-nippled Scaramanga in 'The Man With The Golden Gun' (1974), taking his customised Lotus Esprit underwater in 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (1977), going into outer space in 'Moonraker' (1979), and then, as the 1980s dawned, doing much the same but with much less verve in 'For Your Eyes Only' (1981), 'Octopussy' (1983), and 'A View To A Kill' (1985). Timothy Dalton stepped into the tuxedo for 'The Living Daylights' (1987) and 'Licence to Kill' (1989), bringing a new, raw and realistic edge to the action, something very much needed after the slack, Safari-suited decadence which increasingly came to the fore during the Moore years. However, by this point, the world seemed to have forgotten about Bond, and the secret agent went into exile until Pierce Brosnan successfully revived the character in 'GoldenEye' (1995), 'Tomorrow Never Dies' (1997), 'The World is Not Enough' (1999) and 'Die Another Day' (2002), proving that the globetrotting ladies' man is alive and well and ready to take on the 21st century.


Sean ConneryRoger MooreGeorge LazenbyTimothy DaltonPierce BrosnanChristopher LeeBritt EklandMaud AdamsMarc LawrenceBarbara BachRichard KielCurd JurgensCaroline MunroDonald PleasenceKarin DorTetsuro TambaAkiko WakabayashiRobert ShawDaniela BianchiPedro ArmendarizLotte LenyaLouis JourdanKabir BediMaryam d'AboJeroen KrabbeCarole BouquetChaim TopolLynn-Holly JohnsonJulian GloverJane SeymourYaphet KottoLois ChilesMichael LonsdaleCorinne CleryAdolfo CeliClaudine AugerLuciana PaluzziRik van NutterJill BennettMichael GothardCassandra HarrisEarl Jolly BrownGloria HendryEmily BoltonJean-Pierre CastaldiRose AlbaSean BeanIzabella ScorupcoFamke JanssenJudi DenchSophie MarceauRobert CarlyleDenise RichardsHalle BerryToby StephensBernard LeeLois MaxwellDiana RiggDesmond LlewellynJoe Don BakerJack HedleyGeoffrey HolderMartine BeswickeRobbie ColtraneJulius HarrisJonathan PryceMichelle YeohTeri HatcherRick YuneHerve VillechaizeTelly SavalasVijay AmritrajArt MalikGrace JonesCarey LowellTom LaneEarl CameronTcheky KaryoRosamund PikeClifton JamesIlse SteppatCaroline BlissTanya RobertsRobert DaviSidney TaflerBlanche RavalecRoland CulverGottfried JohnGotz OttoMichael MadsenYuri BorienkoUrsula AndressPatrick MacNeeTalisa SotoWalter GotellLon SattonLeila ShennaGuy DolmanAlan CummingColin SalmonHonor BlackmanAnthony ZerbeGeoffrey KeenMie HamaJohn Rhys-DaviesRoy SyewartToshiro SugaCharles DanceGeorge PastellUlrich ThomsenGert FrobeJoseph WisemanPatrick BauchauEverett McGillOlga BiseraSteven BerkoffTeru ShimadaArnold WilliamsSamantha BondKenneth TsangShirley EatonJack LordFiona FullertonWayne NewtonShane RimmerRobert BrownGabriele FerzettiRichard LooAndreas WiesniewskiMichael KitchenJohn SeruBryan MarshallBernard HorsfallTsai ChinSoon-Teck OhMolly PetersSerena GordonJohn CleeseHarold SakataEunice GaysonMichael BillingtonDavid MeyerGeorge BakerJames CossinsDavid YipFrank McRaePaul StassinoSimon KunzMartyn LewisTania MallettChan Yiu LamManning RedwoodMinnie DriverAnthony DawsonMartin BensonCherry GillespieAngela ScoularAlison DoodyAlec MillsMichelle ArthurJill St JohnBenicio del ToroZena MarshallCharles GrayBruce CabotCatherina Von SchellWilloughby GrayBilly J. MitchellRainbeaux SmithPriscilla BarnesPavel DouglasBruce GloverYvonne ShimaLana WoodCec LinderNorman BurtonJimmy DeanDaniel BenzaliJoseph FurstMichel LonsdaleChristopher WalkenMartine BeswickJulius W. HarrisGeoffrey PalmerKristina WaybournJohn WymanGoldieSoon-Tek OhThomas WheatleyJill St. JohnDavid HedisonMichel Mok