The Deep End

  |  Book Tickets: 16/04/2002
  |  Buy to Own: 16/09/2002
  |  Watch Now: 19/01/2008
  |  96 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


When Margaret Hall (Tilda Swinton) discovers the dead body of her son's gay lover Darby, she immediately assumes her son, Beau, was the killer and tries to protect him by disposing of the corpse in the lake. A man named Spera (Goran Visnjic) then arrives at Margaret's home and attempts to blackmail her with video footage of Beau and Darby making love. Margaret tries and fails to raise the money, and the sympathetic Spera says he will try to persuade his partner Nagle to accept a delayed payment. Nagle, however, is determined to push things through to their bitter conclusion. Based on the novel 'The Blank Wall' by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding, which had previously been adapted for the screen by Max Ophuls under the title 'The Reckless Moment' (1949).

Contains infrequent strong language and sex
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