The Dick Barton Trilogy

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  |  198 min
Rated U by the BBFC


All three films in the Dick Barton trilogy from Hammer studios, starring Don Stannard as Dick Barton, the hero of the popular 1940s radio series, who fights foreign conspirators armed with secret super weapons that threaten the British nation. In 'Dick Barton, Special Agent' (1948), Dick is assigned to investigate some strange and sinister goings-on at a quiet English seaside resort. He soon uncovers a Nazi germ warfare plot, which - if he does not act swiftly - will result in a deadly outbreak of cholera across Britain. In 'Dick Barton Strikes Back' (1949), a sinister sound ray is threatening the nation - and Dick must track down its source, an investigation which culminates in a showdown with the sound ray's inventor, Fouracada (Sebastian Cabot) at the top of Blackpool Tower. And in 'Dick Barton at Bay' (1950), Dick and his partner Snowey White (George Ford) must race against time to rescue a weapons scientist, Professor Mitchell (Percy Walsh) and his beautiful daughter, Mary (Joyce Linden), who have been kidnapped along with the professor's latest invention, a ray that can explode any unstable element aboard an aircraft in flight.

Contains infrequent mild violence
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