The Disco Exorcist

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  |  80 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


B-movie horror. Sexually liberated king of the dancefloor Rex Romanski (Michael Reed) is a self-confessed lothario who spends his nights making moves at Manuel Roja (Brandon Luis Aponte)'s local disco. Rarely spending a night alone, the women hate to love him but are defenceless against his sexual magnetism. However, the latest in his sexual conquests, Rita Marie (Ruth Sullivan), takes a particular shine to Rex and is filled with a jealous rage when he declines her advances the following night in anticipation of spending a night with his favourite porno actress Amoreena Jones (Sarah Nicklin). But what Rex isn't aware of is that Rita Marie is a dabbler in the black arts and when angered she has a tendency to curse those who do her no good...

Contains strong sex, nudity and bloody violence
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