The Discovery of Heaven

  |  Buy to Own: 24/11/2008
  |  127 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Discovery of Heaven Film Poster


Award-winning film about a gifted young man with a heavenly task to perform. God wants the Ten Commandments back, and since the Angels aren't allowed to travel to Earth to get them, they create a human being who is clever enough to find the stone tablets and also willing to sacrifice his or her life in order to return them to Heaven. Down on Earth, the plan begins to take shape when Max Delius (Greg Wise), the son of a Nazi father and a Jewish mother, becomes friends with eccentric linguist Onno Quist (Stephen Fry). Into their lives comes Ada Brons (Flora Montgomery), a young cello player. Ada becomes pregnant, but doesn't know which of the men is the father. Her son, Quinten, is a very special and gifted child. Could he be the chosen one? This film won the award for the Netherlands Film Festival Best Screenplay of Feature Film 2001.

Contains strong sex and nudity and one scene of strong bloody violence
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