The Doris Day Collection: Volume 2

  |  660 min
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Collection of Doris Day films. In 'The Pajama Game' (1957) Katherine 'Babe' Williams (Day) is head of the union in a pajama factory, leading a call for a pay rise which is ignored by the management. Day takes the union's grievances to the superintendent (John Raitt) but her professional capacity is compromised when the couple fall in love. The film is a musical adapted from the stage hit. In 'April in Paris' (1952) chorus girl Ethel 'Dynamite' Jackson (Day) is mistakenly invited to attend an American arts festival in Paris. She finds herself accompanied by the beleaguered diplomat (Ray Bolger) who mismailed her invitation. In 'On Moonlight Bay' (1951) tomboy Marjorie (Day) pairs up with college jock Bill (Gordon MacRae) and soon wedding bells are in the air. However, their plans are disrupted by the onset of World War One. In 'By the Light' (1952), the sequel to 'On Moonlight Bay', Day and MacRae are perpetually on the brink of marriage, but can't seem to make it to the altar. Songs include 'Ain't We Got Fun', and 'King Chanticleer'. In 'Lucky Me' (1954) Candy Williams (Day) is a superstitious member of a struggling theatre group who find themselves stranded in Miami. Without a penny to their collective name they end up having to work in a hotel kitchen until they eventually have some good luck in the guise of a wealthy oilman. He invests in their show, but his daughter is jealous and tries her hardest to sabotage the troupe. In 'Tea for Two' (1950) a thoroughly modern heiress (Day) bets her stockbroker uncle she can say no to everything for 24 hours. If she wins he'll finance her Broadway show. Classic songs include 'I Only Have Eyes for You', 'I Want to Be Happy' and 'Do, Do, Do'. In 'Lullaby of Broadway' (1951) an unknown young singer (Day) becomes an overnight success when she stars in a smash-hit Broadway musical. Things aren't so rosy on the home front, however; her mother having fallen on hard times in unforgiving New York.