The Dragon's Snake Fist

  |  Buy to Own: 15/06/2015
  |  83 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Dragon's Snake Fist Film Poster


Dragon Lee stars in this martial arts action feature. Two rival fighting schools meet in a secret duel to determine who is number one with the loser having to leave town and cease their training programme. When the two master fighters Chu Man King (Gam Kei-Chu) and Master Wai (Min Kyu Choi) eventually meet in battle King is victorious. But several years after his victory, King sends his snake fist disciples to spread their fighting ways across the kingdom and his best student Dragon Wu (Lee) is attacked by Wai's son (Kim Young Suk) and the rest of his crane fist gang. With old wounds reopened and Master Wai still bitter over his defeat, his son vows to take revenge on Master Chu and finally end the rival snake fist movement.

strong, bloody violence
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