The Drunken Dragon

  |  Buy to Own: 19/06/2006
  |  94 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Drunken Dragon Film Poster


Martial arts action. Ruthless master Doom (Phillip Ko) seeks to dominate the martial world - but to do so he must first possess the magical 'Seven Star Armour': a vest that renders the wearer invincible. The final piece of the armour is kept by a Kung Fu Mistress (Chiang Seng), a deadly martial arts exponent. Doom and his merciless students kill her - but not before the secret of the armour is passed on to her nephew Doggy (Sun Kuo-Ming), a kung fu fanatic who has taken up residence with a mad martial arts wizard (Liang Chia-Jen) and gadget inventor who teaches Doggy the insane and dangerous Exciting Dragon technique in order to prepare him for a showdown with the Doom Master and his two henchmen.