The End of the Lonely Island

  |  Book Tickets: 02/05/2017
  |  64 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The End of the Lonely Island Film Poster


Director: Ren Chao Wang, 64mins, China, Chinese (English subtitles). Against the backdrop of a deadly plague spreading across the Earth, the ‘Bi’an’ (“another shore”) project is humanity’s first interstellar exploration. The ‘Shenzhou 20’ starship has set off toward the Centaurus planetary system but now this scientific journey has become the last hope for human civilization. However, the ‘Bi’an’ project’ depends on a lonely scientist, Lin Xia’s, and the Artificial Intelligence, she relies on. Can she save mankind from extinction? China is becoming known for producing effects-heavy action movies for the international market, but a few independent filmmakers are making superb high-concept science fiction. We are excited to bring Ren Chao Wang’s début feature to London.