The Face at the Window/The Crimes of Stephen Hawke/It's Never...

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Tod Slaughter stars in this trio of horror films from the 1930s. In 'The Face at the Window' (1939), a murderer in 1880s Paris uses his monstrous half-brother to distract his victims - but is foiled when a dead man apparently incriminates him with the help of a scientific experiment. In 'The Crimes of Stephen Hawke' (1936), a crazed killer known as The Spinebreaker is terrorising London with a series of grisly murders. When he comes under suspicion by the police, he leaves the city - but is forced to return to save his daughter from the villainous police chief. In 'It's Never Too Late to Mend' (1937), an evil prison administrator cruelly abuses the inmates at his prison, until one day the tables are turned...