The Fall Of The House Of Usher Who Killed Harvey Forbes? ...

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Triple bill of horrors. In 'Fall of the House of Usher' (1949), young traveller Jonathan (Irving Steen) visits his noble friend Roderick Usher (Kay Tendeter). But upon arrival, Jonathan discovers that Lord Roderick and his twin sister Lady Usher (Gwen Watford) are both seriously ill as a result of a curse placed upon their house by an ancient ancestor, dooming the siblings to a horrible early death. In 'Who Killed Harvey Forbes?' (1932), a group of passengers are forced to take shelter in an abandoned mansion after their plane makes an emergency landing. When one of the passengers is murdered for the bag of diamonds he was carrying, detective Randy Gordon (Gene Morgan) must find the person responsible amongst the survivors. In 'Murder at the Grange' (1952), private investigator John Morley (Patrick Barr) is hired by elderly sisters Agatha (Margaret Boyd) and Cynthia Quench (Grace Denbigh Russell) to investigate the murder of their father. But when he discovers the prime suspect died years previously John's attention soon shifts to the pair's unusual butler Clarence Beacham (Tod Slaughter).