The Fear of Thirteen

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  |  95 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Fear of Thirteen Film Poster


David Sington directs this documentary about Nick Yarris, who spent 21 years on death row before petitioning for his own execution and having his case re-examined. After being arrested for a traffic violation whilst escaped from prison, Yarris was charged with a brutal murder that had been commited four days before and sentenced to death in 1982. Kept on death row in Pennsylvania, Yarris spent his time behind bars gaining an education whilst strongly maintaining his innocence until 2003 when re-examined DNA evidence was used to shed new light on his conviction. Told entirely in his own words, Nick narrates his story beginning with his errant childhood and continuing to how he ended up on death row.

strong language, references to violence, sexual violence and drug use
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