The Fearless Vampire Killers

  |  Book Tickets: 23/03/1967
  |  Buy to Own: 18/10/2004
  |  Watch Now: 16/04/2008
  |  102 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Fearless Vampire Killers Film Poster


Roman Polanski's playful spoof of the Hammer Horror genre features lavish dollops of farce, slapstick and semi-nudity. Professor Abronsius (Jack MacGowran), bat researcher and vampire obsessive, travels with his bumbling assistant Alfred (Polanski) to a remote Transylvanian village to continue his studies of the undead. When the innkeeper, Shagal (Alfie Bass) is attacked by the ghoulish Count Von Krolock (Ferdinand Mayne), and his beautiful daughter Sarah (Sharon Tate in her debut film role) kidnapped, the hapless pair of vampire-hunters embark on a mission to Von Krolock's castle to rescue the young maiden. But could it be that the young lady is rather enjoying the sensual attentions of her blood-sucking captors?