The Fitzroy

  |  Book Tickets: 29/04/2017
  |  93 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Fitzroy Film Poster


Director: Andrew Harmer, 93mins, UK, English, 2017. UK PREMERE Set in a post-apocalyptic 1950s, The Fitzroy Hotel, a derelict submarine beached just off Margate, is the last place for a traditional summer holiday. Bernard, the hotel’s bellboy, cook and general dogsbody faces a constant battle to keep the decaying hotel airtight and afloat. But when he falls in love with the scheming femme fatale Sonya, he is thrown into a web of lies, backstabbing and chaos. As his world implodes, Bernard must choose between the woman he thinks he loves and the submarine keeping them all alive. A joyous black comedy, think Basil Fawlty running the Crimson Tide. Look out for some Fitzroy interactive fun in the bar too – We have some surprises for you!