The Flicka Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 01/10/2007
  |  256 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill featuring three films from Mary O'Hara's landmark horse saga. In 'My Friend Flicka' (1943), Roddy McDowall stars as Ken McLaughlin, a wayward boy who shows little application in his studies, and whose relationship with his rancher father, Rob (Preston S. Foster), is troubled. To teach Ken responsibility, his father asks him to choose a young horse to train and care for. But his father is doubtful when Ken selects a feisty young filly - Flicka - whose mother is notoriously tempestuous. Will Ken's dedication, love and hard work pay off, and produce a fine mare of the skittish young filly? In 'Thunderhead - Son of Flicka' (1945) the son of a horse rancher (Foster), Ken McLaughlin (McDowell) takes it upon himself to train Thunderhead, a white colt with the same rebellious streak that distinguished its mother (Flicka). Thunderhead helps McDowell round up several horses that had been stolen from his father, and also attracts the attention of a racing aficionado (Ralph Sanford). Once fully grown, Thunderhead indicates that he'd be happier running wild, so McDowell tearfully but proudly gives the horse his freedom. Finally, 'Green Grass of Wyoming' (1948) the relationship between humans and animals is paralleled as they struggle to live and find love on a wild ranch in Wyoming. The human story centres around a rancher's niece who falls in love with a neighbouring rancher's son. The equine story follows the romantic exploits of a wild-eyed black mare and a wild white stallion, Thunderhead.