The Fugitive: Season 1

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Episodes 1-22 from the first season of the classic series about life-on-the-run for a Doctor wrongly convicted of his wife's murder. When Doctor Richard Kimble (David Janssen) arrives back home one evening after a row with his wife, he sees a one-armed man leaving his house. Entering his home, he finds his wife dead on the floor, and, despite his innocence, is tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. On the train journey to his place of execution, the train derails, allowing Kimble the chance to escape and try to clear his name. Pursued relentlessly by Police Lieutenant Phillip Gerard (Barry Morse), Kimble travels from one town to the next, constantly changing his name and trying to stay one step ahead of his pursuer, all the while seeking the one-armed man. Episodes comprise: 'Fear in a Desert City', 'The Witch', 'The Other Side of the Mountain', 'Never Wave Goodbye: Part 1', 'Never Wave Goodbye: Part 2', 'Decision in the Ring', 'Smoke Screen', 'See Hollywood and Die', 'Ticket to Alaska', 'Fatso', 'Nightmare at Northoak', 'Glass Tightrope', 'Terror at High Point', 'The Girl from Little Egypt', 'Home Is the Hunted', 'Garden House', 'Come Watch Me Die', 'Where the Action Is', 'Search in a Windy City', 'Bloodline', 'Rat in a Corner' and 'Angels Travel On Lonely Roads: Part 1'.