The Gathering

  |  185 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of horror films starring Christina Ricci. In 'After.Life' (2009) school teacher Anna (Ricci) wakes from a car crash to find herself on a dissecting table with an open head wound. She is informed by mortician Elliot (Liam Neeson) that she died in the accident and is now in transition to the afterlife. Elliot assures Anna that only he can communicate with the dead, but Anna's grief-stricken boyfriend, Paul (Justin Long), is suspicious of Elliot and cannot rid himself of the nagging suspicion that something is wrong. Can Paul get to the bottom of the mystery before Anna finds herself at the bottom of a burial plot? In 'The Gathering' (2002) American backpacker Cassie (Ricci) is hit by a car while walking in rural England and loses her memory. While recovering from the accident, Cassie is invited to stay at the home of the car's driver, Marion (Kerry Fox), where she forms a bond with Marion's stepson, Michael (Harry Forrester). Michael, an archaeologist, has just begun researching a recently discovered church dating back to the first century. As Cassie recovers from her amnesia and begins experiencing terrifying premonitions about the townspeople and their deaths, she becomes convinced that her newfound powers are somehow related to Michael's archeological findings.