The Good Life Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 05/03/2007
  |  555 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Good Life Collection Film Poster


19 episodes of the much-loved English sitcom. Tom Good, a mild mannered draughtsman who designs the plastic animals in cereal boxes, marks his 40th birthday by a total lifestyle change. He leaves his secure job and sets up a farm in the garden of his lovely suburban home. Aided by his loyal wife Barbara they both relinquish the rat race for a life of self-sufficiency, growing their own vegetables, making their own wine, rearing their own farm animals, keeping chickens and living without electricity. This sudden life change comes as a shock to their very respectable, upwardly mobile, neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbetter who are both amused and horrified by the Goods' chosen path. This set contains the following episodes from the first three series: 'Plough Your Own Furrow', 'Say Little Hen', 'The Weaker Sex?', 'Pig's Lib', 'The Thing In The Cellar', 'The Pagan Rite', 'Just My Bill', 'The Guru of Surbiton', 'Mr Fix-It', 'The Day Peace Broke Out', 'Mutiny', 'Home Sweet Home', 'Going To Pot?', 'The Early Birds', 'The Happy Event', 'A Tug of the Forelock', 'I Talk To The Trees', 'Whose Fleas Are These?' and 'The Last Posh Frock'.