The Grace Card

  |  Buy to Own: 05/03/2012
  |  101 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Christian-themed drama in which an embittered police officer, estranged from God after the death of his young son, is paired up with a partner who is also a part-time pastor. Mac McDonald (Michael Joiner) is filled with rage after the loss of his five-year-old son. Turning away from God and notions of tolerance and forgiveness, he becomes surly, aggressive and makes little effort to hide his racist views. When he is paired with an African American police officer, Sgt. Sam Wright (Michael Higgenbottom), Mac is disgusted enough without discovering that Sam also runs a church in his spare time. The relationship between the two men is fraught. However, when further problems arise in Mac's family life, Sam is determined to show support to a man who has abused and insulted him. Will his Christian sense of charity and forgiveness help reawaken these virtues in Mac?

Contains moderate injury detail and drug references
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