The Great Fear

  |  Book Tickets: 02/05/2016
  |  105 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Great Fear Film Poster


Director: Iain Laird. 2015, Canada, 105min. A visually stunning film about, GM, a collapsing food industry, a lonely farmer and an equally lonely botanist. Set in the prairies of Montana, The Great Fear introduces us to Victor, a quiet farmer who has been forced to forfeit his cattle herd following a highly dubious inspection of his farm by the large agricultural corporation, Vassal. With little prospect of generating income other than through renting out his property, he takes on a tenant; scientist Meryl, who appears to be looking for something. As this aloof pair begin to open up to one another, something quietly disturbing has started to cast a shadow over the community: locals begin to exhibit flu-like symptoms as Vassal’s presence in the area increases. Understated performances in beautiful settings bring this David and Goliath story to life. In this struggle against sinister, faceless corporate power, will the little guys win?