The Grind

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  |  86 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


British crime drama in which the diverging fortunes of a pair of friends threaten to destroy them both. After a long, hard struggle Vince (Freddie Connor) is finally going places. Set for promotion from a nightclub manager to his dream job overseeing a casino and due to be married to Nancy (Zoe Tapper), Vince is looking forward to the future. In contrast, his childhood friend, Bobby (Gordon Alexander), has failed to escape from the desperate world of drugs and gambling and now owes a huge amount of money to a casino. Unhappily for Vince, the casino Bobby owes money to happens to be run by his boss, East End gangster Dave (Jamie Foreman), putting Vince in a very awkward position indeed...

Contains very strong language and strong sex and violence
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