The Grudge The Grudge Two

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  |  183 min
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Pair of US remakes of a Japanese horror classic. 'The Grudge' (2004) is the US remake of Takashi Shimizu's 2003 film 'Ju-on'. The plot centers on 'The Grudge' - the curse of one who dies in the grip of a powerful rage. Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an exchange student working for a Japanese medical centre. Covering for another nurse she attends to an old American woman, Emma, and while there unknowingly uncovers the source of the curse. Each time the curse finds a new victim it is reborn. Karen must somehow escape the fits of rage and madness to avoid certain death. 'The Grudge 2' (2006) is the sequel in which the vengeful and terrible curse continues to consume and petrify all in its path. We are shown three seemingly unconnected stories. An American girl discovers her sister is being held in a Japanese hospital and is simultaneously under suspicion of arson/murder in which her boyfriend has died. She immediately goes to be at her sister's side but is intercepted by a journalist who informs her that her sister is being consumed by a dark force. At the same time, an American girl at an international school elsewhere in Tokyo is trying to get in with the school's top girls. She'll do anything to be accepted so when she's told to go into a mysterious burned-out house, she doesn't question it.Jake is living with his dad who has remarried quite soon after his mom's death, so the boy becomes sullen and withdrawn. He's easily drawn to a mysterious, equally withdrawn neighbour.