The Grump

  |  Book Tickets: 13/02/2015
  |  Buy to Own: 25/07/2016
  |  98 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
The Grump Film Poster


Dome Karukoski co-writes and directs this Finnish comedy, adapted from Tuomas Kyrö's novel. The film follows 80-year-old Mielensäpahoittaja (Antti Litja), a proud farmer, who is forced to travel to Helsinki to live with his son Poika (Iikka Forss) after an accident leaves him unable to fend for himself. While Poika makes every attempt to accommodate him, it soon becomes clear that his ambitious daughter-in-law Miniä (Mari Perankoski) is not so keen on the arrangement. With his constant meddling putting increasing strain on his son's marriage, the situation comes to a head when an important business deal brokered by Miniä is almost ruined.

infrequent strong language
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