The Gulf War: The Soldier's Tale - The Complete Series

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  |  141 min
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Three-volume series of documentaries chronicling the Gulf War of 1991. The series of events which culminated in war began in August 1990 when Iraq president Saddam Hussein invaded neighbouring Kuwait, gaining control of its valuable oil supplies. Subsequent United Nations resolutions and diplomatic activity had little effect, and both Western and Arab nations began assembling an invasion force. Tensions were heightened when Hussein retaliated against the UN sanctions imposed on Iraq by taking Western ex-pats hostage; the Western Alliance's troops were finally sent in, and the first shot was fired on 16th January 1991. The Gulf War had begun. The coalition air strikes against Iraq commenced on 17th January, but although aware that Hussein could not hope to match their forces in number or power, the allies lived in fear of the chemical and biological weapons he might have at his disposal. The Scud missile inspired the greatest fear, but the West was also shocked when British soldier John Peters was paraded on television after being captured and tortured by the Iraqis; he talks here about his experiences. By the end of February it was clear that aerial assaults alone were not going to break Iraq. It was time for the ground attack. The coalition launched their ground assault on Iraq - Operation Desert Storm - on 24th February. Saddam Hussein's troops were by now weary and demoralised, and within one hundred hours the war was over. A ceasefire was declared on March 3rd, with peace negotiations commencing in a tent on a desert airstrip.