The Harry Novak Collection: Volume 1

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  |  247 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple-bill of films from renowned sexploitation producer Harry Novak. 'Mantis in Lace' (1968), directed by Willam Rotsler, follows the story of Lila (Susan Stewart), a topless dancer with an unusual reaction to LSD. When Lila takes the drug she develops an insatiable desire to dismember lovers with garden implements - bad news for the array of men only too happy to follow Lila home. 'The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet' (1969), directed by Peter Perry Jr., stars Forman Shane as Romeo and Dee Lockwood as Juliet in a sexploitation take on the classic Shakespeare play. 'Kiss Me Quick!' (1964), also directed by Perry Jr., follows the adventures of an asexual alien, Sterilox (Frank A. Coe), who comes to Earth in search of the perfect woman to breed a race of servants. Sterilox is fortunate to make the acquaintance of Dr. Breedlove (Max Gardens), who, as his name suggests, may well be able to provide the alien with access to a range of nubile young women. All three films feature nudity and scenes of a sexual nature.