The Harry Novak Collection: Volume 3

  |  Buy to Own: 08/10/2012
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Third volume of films from renowned sexploitation producer Harry Novak. 'The Pigkeeper's Daughter' (1972) is based around the character of Moonbeam (Terry Gibson), the daughter of pig farmer Swyner (Bruce Kimball). Moonbeam's parents are worried about the girl, who at the grand old age of 19 hasn't found a husband yet. Little do they know that Moonbeam is more popular with the men of the town than they think. 'Please Don't Eat My Mother' (1973) tracks the unlikely growth of a plant owned by Henry (Buck Kartalian), which develops a taste for animals and eventually decides it would quite like to try humans. 'Sinful Dwarf' (1973) follows the adventures of Olaf (Torben Bille), a dwarf who tricks women into entering his house, drugs them into quiescence and keeps them captive. However, the disappearance of a beautiful woman (Anne Sparrow) leads to an investigation that may bring the sinful dwarf's reign of abuse to an end.