The Harry Palmer Collection

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Collection of films starring Michael Caine as the spy, Harry Palmer. 'The Ipcress File' (1965) follows Harry as he sets out to track down a missing scientist, but will the agent be in for a surprise or two along the way? 'Funeral in Berlin' (1966) sees Caine journey to Cold War Berlin, where he has been asked to assist with the defection of a Russian security chief (Oskar Homolka). Palmer arranges an escape based around a fake funeral, but finds himself thrown into turmoil when he discovers that the wrong man is in the coffin. 'Billion Dollar Brain' (1967) finds Palmer in a different profession, having left the Secret Service to take up work as a private eye. He is soon sucked into a web of conspiracy involving a far-right American billionaire, General Midwinter (Ed Begley), who plans to wipe out the Communist threat in Latvia using a highly sophisticated computer system. In 'Midnight in St. Petersburg' (1995) Harry and his partner, Nick (Jason Connery), set out to investigate the disappearance of Nick's girlfriend and discover a conspiracy involving the Russian Mafia and enough stolen plutonium to fuel three atomic bombs. Finally, 'Bullet to Beijing' (1995) finds Harry in post-Soviet Moscow, where he attempts to track down a stolen biological weapon known as 'The Red Death' and is soon engaged in a lethal game of cross and double-cross on the night train to China.