The Harsh Light of Day

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  |  82 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Low-budget British horror movie in which a man who loses his wife to a savage attack sets out to gain revenge on the perpetrators of the crime. Daniel Shergold (Dan Richardson), an author of books on the occult, lives a happy and quiet life in the country with his wife, Maria (Niki Felstead). His comfortable existence is turned on its head one day when a group of intruders burst into the house, murdering Maria and leaving Daniel paralysed. Daniel nurtures a sense of anger and a desire for vengeance that is magnified by the failure of the police to track down the intruders and his inability to move freely enough to look for them himself. The entry of a mysterious man, Infurnari (Giles Alderson), to his life, changes everything. Infurnari offers Daniel the chance of vengeance, but what price will he extract in return?