The Hayao Miyazaki Collection

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Collection of eleven anime features directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In 'The Castle of Cagliostro' (1979) Lupin (voice of Yasuo Yamada) and Jigen (Kiyoshi Kobayashi), a pair of modern day Robin Hoods, realise that their latest haul of booty just happens to be counterfeit, and manage to trace the forgers to the tiny country of Cagliostro. They also discover that the evil Count of Cagliostro (Taro Ishida) has imprisoned a girl who knows the secrets to a marvellous treasure. The duo then join forces with the swordsman Goemon (Makio Inoue) and Interpol inspector Zenigata (Goro Naya) and plan an assault on the laser beam protected castle. 'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind' (1984) is set in a distant future after human civilisation has been wiped out in a global war known as the 'Seven Days of Fire'. In the isolated Valley of the Wind, Princess Nausicaä (Sumi Shimamoto) rules over a small group of survivors, the valley bordered on all sides by a toxic jungle guarded by monstrous insect creatures. This equilibrium is about to be disturbed though, as a new struggle for earthly domination threatens to unfold. In 'Laputa - Castle in the Sky' (1986), jumping overboard on a flying ship to avoid capture, Sheeta (Keiko Yokozawa) is rescued by her powerful crystal necklace which floats her down to safety. She longs to see Laputa, the castle in the sky, but the pirates are after its treasure and its secret powers. As the different parties fight over who gets control of Laputa, it's up to Sheeta to use her ancient knowledge to save it from destruction. In 'My Neighbour Totoro' (1988), when their mother is taken ill, two young girls move to the country with their father to spend more time with her while she recuperates. As they explore their surroundings, young Mei (Chika Sakamoto) starts to believe that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures. At first her sister Satsuki (Noriko Hidaka) refuses to believe her, but before long the two girls are having magical adventures with the Totoros, the magical protectors of the forest. In 'Kiki's Delivery Service' (1989) 13-year-old Kiki (Minami Takayama) is a young witch who, at her mother's request, is setting out on a year-long apprenticeship with her black cat in tow. She ends up in a little coastal town, but the locals have a 'no witches' policy. She befriends an old woman who fusses over her, but then one day she wakes up and realises she can't make her broom levitate nor can she talk to her cat. What will Kiki do? In 'Porco Rosso' (1993), set in the 1930s, Porco Rosso (Shûichirô Moriyama) is a talented fighter pilot who is turned into a pig by a magic spell. Adapting well to his porcine transformation, Porco sells himself out as a pilot for hire, until a big shot American flyer arrives, looking to make a name for himself by shooting down the Crimson Pig. With his feisty sidekick Fio (Akemi Okamura), Porco gets his battered plane back into shape for the big showdown. In 'Princess Mononoke' (1997) Ashitaka (Yoji Matsuda) is a young warrior who travels to the forests of the west in order to search for the cure which will save him from a terrible curse. But almost as soon as he arrives he gets caught up in the prolonged battle which rages between the humans and the forest animals, the former being led by Lady Eboshi (Yuko Tanaka), and the latter by San (Yuriko Ishida), a young woman raised by wolves. 'Spirited Away' (2001) follows Chihiro (Rumi Hiiragi), a ten-year-old girl who is leaving behind everything she knows to move with her parents to a new home. Along the way, they stumble across a tunnel that leads to a spooky, deserted open-air restaurant where Chihiro's parents sit down and begin to eat. But she is uncomfortable with their new surroundings and wanders off to explore further. She meets a boy, Haku (Miyu Irino), who explains to her that the world they have entered is a holiday resort for spirits who have left behind their exhausting earthly duties. After discovering that her greedy parents have been turned into pigs, she learns the number one rule of the new world she is now part of: laziness is not tolerated, and only working hard can enable her to break the spell on her parents. The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. In 'Howl's Moving Castle' (2004) Sophie (Chieko Baisho) is an ordinary girl who works in a hat shop, but one day she is swept off her feet by the mysterious wizard Howl (Takuya Kimura), and is then turned into a 90-year-old woman by the evil Witch of the Waste (Akihiro Miwa). In order to lift the curse, Sophie travels with Howl aboard his floating castle, as he risks his life to bring peace to a warring kingdom. In 'Ponyo' (2008), when a feisty baby goldfish/mermaid called Ponyo (Yuria Nara) runs away from her home in the sea, she ends up stranded on the shore and is rescued by Sosuke (Hiroki Doi), a human boy who lives on a nearby clifftop. Ponyo yearns to become human herself so that she can be with Sosuke, but many obstacles stand in her way. In 'The Wind Rises' (2013), as a young boy, the bespectacled Jiro Horikoshi (Hideaki Anno) dreams of flying a plane but when he learns he will be unable to become a pilot due to his poor eyesight, he instead decides to be an aircraft designer. On September 1st 1923 Jiro is travelling by train when the Great Kanto earthquake strikes. He assists fellow passenger Naoko (Miori Takimoto) and her maid who suffers an injury. He doesn't meet Naoko again till many years later after he has graduated university and has worked on various designing jobs, without finding much success. The two fall for each other and become engaged but Naoko is suffering from tuberculosis. While they try to enjoy the time they have together Jiro continues to work on designing his first successful plane.